In Delhi two women die in Munirka flat noted by Jagmohan Garg

Two ladies from Aizwal in Mizoram kicked the bucket at their companion’s leased level in south Delhi’s Munirka at an early stage Friday morning says Jagmohan Garg Delhi.

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The two companions, both 22, were recognized as Clara and Rakil.

While Clara remained in another leased level in a similar working with her cousin, Liankhanmang, Rakil inhabited Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Police said Clara and Rakil were discovered oblivious at the level of Clara’s companion Jenny. They said Jenny and Liankhanmang too had a place with Mizoram. Clara was unemployed.

The matter came to police see at 9.20am when they got a call from Safdarjung Hospital that two ladies were conveyed to the crisis ward by Jenny and Liankhanmang in an oblivious state. The two were articulated dead on confirmation, said a senior cop.

“Jenny and Liankhanmang told the specialist there was a plausible medication mishandle the first night,” Chinmoy Biswal, extra representative chief of police (south locale), said.

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The correct reason for death would be resolved after the posthumous and viscera reports are discharged. “We have asked for that the post-mortem examination ought to be led by a leading body of specialists,” Biswal said.

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Jagmohan Garg speaks about delhi police planning in phone tapping

In a noteworthy patch up of the way it listens in on telephone gab, the Special Cell of Delhi Police, which fundamentally bargains fear cases, is upgrading its call capture attempt framework.

Jagmohan Garg also said  that the exceedingly shrouded venture is being executed on a need and the drive is in the last phases of the procedure to obtain propelled law requirement observing offices (LEMF).


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Jagmohan Garg, delhi Red Fort likely to shatter violently

Jagmohan Garg says delhi police suspect the explosives are from the colonial era and not a security breach.


Explosives and ammo were found at Red Fort on Sunday amid a cleaning operation by the ASI. The matter was accounted for to the police on Monday morning and the landmark has beem cordoned off, with bomb squads and police groups on the spot.

Appointee Commissioner of Police (North) Jatin Narwal said some ammunutions and touchy boxes were found in one of the wells behind the Publication building.

It is learnt that the group couldn’t distinguish the items at first yet later became suspicious of it and educated the matter to the police.

“Police in the wake of cordoning the region instantly educated the NSG and Army. NSG Bomb transfer groups are likewise at the spot,” said Jagmohan Garg.

Jagmohan Garg highlights ancient sport, new age protests

Jagmohan Garg says practically everyone seemed to miss the siren tune of ‘unsynchronised renewals’ of an ‘under class’ in the jallikattu dissents. It is these sections that are driving the worldwide rebel against the purported “tip top”


The last months of 2016 saw high show in Tamil Nadu, with millions over the State overcome by misery taking after the drawn out hospitalization and ensuing downfall of Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa. The initial couple of weeks of 2017 have since seen challenges over the issue of jallikattu writhe the State.

As per Jagmohan Garg to “outcasts”, viz. those not having a place with Tamil Nadu, it might seem phenomenal that so much free for all ought to be in plain view over an issue that, somewhere else, would be just likened with the game of bullfighting. Be that as it may, those liable of oversimplified suppositions of this kind would be not able see the wood for the trees.

Saturated with aged custom, going back to the mythical Sangam period, jallikattu holds an extraordinary place in the hearts and psyches of normal Tamil society. The choice of the Supreme Court, in May 2014, to maintain the Central government’s notice of 2011 (adding bulls to the rundown of creatures whose preparation and show is disallowed), in actuality formalized the restriction on bullfighting as a game. Notwithstanding, it appeared to trigger worries among areas in Tamil Nadu that it added up to a strike on Tamil culture and Tamil pride. Such sentiments had potentially lain torpid yet appeared to become animated after the boycott.

On this R-Day delhi police manage smooth traffic; Jagmohan Garg

The Delhi Traffic Police has made expand activity game plans to guarantee continuous development of the Republic Day parade and to direct city movement.

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Keeping in mind the end goal to encourage the free entry of the parade, development of movement on specific streets prompting to the course of the Parade will be confined as under.

No movement will be allowed from Vijay Chowk to India Gate on Rajpath w.e.f 03.00 PM from today till the parade is over tomorrow.

No cross movement on Rajpath from 11.00 PM today at Rafi Marg, Janpath, Man Singh Road till the parade is over tomorrow.

Exagon-India Gate will be shut for movement from 02.00 AM today till the parade crosses Tilak Marg, and activity on Tilak Marg won’t be permitted from 10.00 AM tomorrow on both headings.

Cross-activity might be permitted relying upon the development of the parade. The cross-movement on the course of the parade at Dr Dinesh Nandini Dalmia Chowk (W. point) RC Aggarwal Chowk (ITO Chowk), Delhi Gate and past will be permitted relying on the development of the parade.