Jagmohan Garg News about Durga Puja preparation From Bengal to Delhi

Crude puppets of straw and earth drying out in the sun are the principal sign that the celebration season is around the bend. In Chittaranjan Park, home to an expansive Bengali people group in Delhi, symbols at a faintly lit temporary tent are lined in 12 lines noted by Jagmohan Garg. Madhab Halder, a craftsman, wearing a mud-splashed shirt, is applying a layer of mud on a feed middle. A couple of steps away, craftsman Govind Nath sits on the ground, holding a mud face and carving eyes with a device.

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Madhab and Govind are among a gathering of 11 craftsmans who are attempting to take care of the demand for icons in the National Capital Region in front of Durga Puja festivities. So far they have gotten 30 orders from people and enrolled social orders crosswise over Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.

The five-day celebration, saw by Hindus to check goddess Durga’s fight against evil presence Mahishasura, will start on September 26. Every year fans set up pandals with monstrous Durga symbols that are drenched into waterway on the penultimate day of the celebration.

Craftsmans say they go to the city three months in front of the celebration and this year as well, the arrangements started in month of June. The earth utilized as a part of the icons is from towns in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Most craftsmans are from Krishnanagar in West Bengal and they have been working 15 hours a day to take care of the demand.

Conventional icon creators like us, whose families have been in this calling for some eras, come to CR Park amid real celebrations, for example, Saraswati Puja and Durga Puja. These couple of months are pivotal for us. We need to profit to cruise as the year progressed,” said 45-year-old Govind Nath, the head craftsman from Kolkata. Nath said he learnt symbol making from his dad, who worked in CR Park before him. Nath grew up watching his dad at work and went along with him when he was an adolescent.

To start, the icon producers make dolls out of straw, refuse and mud. The earth icons are then put in the sun to dry. Craftsman Madhab Halder said he has built up a notoriety throughout the years. “At whatever point individuals need icons amid this celebration, they get in touch with us and place orders. A symbol can be made in 10-15 days, contingent on the climate and the quantity of producers. Once the celebration is finished, we come back to our towns in Bengal,” said 30-year-old Madhab.

Craftsmans say their greatest test is working in unforgiving, capricious climate. “It has rained intensely over the most recent few months. There wasn’t much daylight. The symbols set aside a great deal of opportunity to dry,” Halder said.

Another test is thinking of new plans every year while keeping the conventional and religious esteems. Durga icons are typically given 10 hands however this time they intend to make one with 22 hands. A year ago, the tallest symbol at the acclaimed Kali Bari Mandir measured 18 feet. These craftsmans additionally mean to break that record by making a symbol 20 feet high and 45 feet wide.

Inside the tent in CR Park, three different craftsmans are offering shape to a mud lion on which stands a figure of the goddess. One craftsman says the occupation is burdening. “Eye issues are a piece of our calling. My dad and granddad too experienced it. I am in my mid-40s now and have begun wearing glasses,” Nath agrees.

Jagmohan Garg also said likewise, managing wet earth and working in soggy conditions can deliver steady cool and hack. “I don’t need my youngsters to take up this calling. So far as that is concerned, the cutting edge era is not keen on taking in this workmanship by any stretch of the imagination. Everybody needs to wind up specialist or architect. No one needs to end up noticeably an icon creator,” said Nath.

Since demonetisation and GST, the cost of crude materials and transportation has expanded two times, they say.

“Take for instance our most imperative material — mud. A little measure of it cost us Rs 10 a year ago. In any case, this time, we paid Rs 20 for a similar amount. The cost has expanded for everything,” Nath said.

Nath and others keep on camping in the Capital for four to a half year a year to make divine beings and goddesses. “For whatever length of time that celebrations are praised each year, the craft of symbol making won’t lose its appeal. We have favors of the divine beings,” said Nath.


Jagmohan Garg Delhi protests against attack

Jagmohan Garg News high spot that Delhi protests against attack on Amarnath pilgrims in J&K.

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After a dread assault in Jammu and Kashmir killed seven Amarnath travelers on Monday evening, Delhi saw a few dissents and candlelight vigils on Tuesday. While Jantar Mantar saw a social event of nationals under the #NotInMyName standard, Jamia Millia Islamia was the scene for a candlelight vigil by instructors, understudies and individuals from Khudai Khidmatgar. Jantar Mantar, the challenge focus of the city, saw no less than two different dissents composed by the understudy wings of various political gatherings. Be that as it may, in spite of a few dissents being arranged, the turnout was not enormous due to overwhelming downpours noted by Jagmohan Garg News.

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Saba Dewan, a Delhi-based narrative movie producer and prime supporter of the #NotInMyName crusade, let us know, “We are here today in melancholy and recognition of the killing of seven Amarnath explorers. We trust that each human life is valuable and we remain against disdain paying little mind to the culprit.” Imad Ulriyaz, a social specialist from Kashmir who has been living in Delhi for a long time, stated, “I joined the dissent as I totally impugn the assault. Each Kashmiri is against it and I came here in solidarity.”

Anjali Yadav, a current graduate from Miranda House, was at Jantar Mantar conveying a bulletin that read ‘Brutality is malevolent. Bas keh diya.’ She let us know, “I denounce the viciousness. I recall my grandma revealing to me how safe the Amarnath Yatra is. This challenge will send over the message that any sort of contempt is not worthy.”

Aside from Jantar Mantar, a candlelight vigil was held at Jamia Milia Islamia, which was orgainsed by the college’s educators, understudies and with the individuals from Khudai Khidmatgar (an association that attempts to address social and instructive issues). While the turnout was low a result of the downpours, the members conveyed notices with messages in solidarity with the Amarnath casualties.

The vigil was held at Bab-e-Mahmud-ul-Hasan, the Gate Number 17 of Jamia. Sahil Ahmed, a last year understudy at Jamia, stated, “When Mahatma Gandhi began the Non-Cooperation Movement, the call to begin the Khilafat Movement (which upheld Hindu-Muslim solidarity) was likewise taken. These two developments added to the introduction of Jamia, and it is a typical place. Murmur chahte thay ki yahan se aawaz jayegi toh logon tak pohonchegi. It is imperative to censure the assaults since we have faith in the theory that the world is one family.”

Jagmohan Garg also highlights Syed Mohammad Abbas, secretary of Jamia Teachers’ Association, likewise denounced the assault and stated, “In our nation, we have constantly regarded all religions and when I read the news, it truly exasperates me. A portion of the individuals from the Jamia Teachers’ Association have likewise participated in the vigil at Jantar Mantar. Agar murmur logon ko slack raha hai ki kuch sahi nahi ho raha hai toh humein aage aake batana padega, ghar pe baithke sochne se kuch nahi hoga.”

Fire Fire Fire in Kamla Nagar : Jagmohan Garg Delhi News

A fire broke out at a footwear godown in north Delhi’s Kamla Nagar on Thursday, Jagmohan Garg said.

Jagmohan Garg News

The occurrence was accounted for at 9.10 AM, an authority of the Delhi Fire Services said.

Around 12 fire tenders have been squeezed into benefit, he said.

Jagmohan garg Delhi News : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/fire-at-footwear-godown-in-kamla-nagar/articleshow/59574007.cms

Horrible drink by a Delhi man; highlighted by Jagmohan Garg

Jagmohan Garg News about a 30-year-old Delhi man walked into a bar, all he wanted was a good drink, but he ended up with his stomach ‘open like a book’.

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What he drank was a tempting cocktail with white smoke flowing from it. Not realising that the drink was to be had after the ‘smoke’ dissipates, he downed it in one draught. What followed was extreme pain, abdomen swelling and breathlessness. The man was rushed to a hospital in Gurgaon where the doctors took him to surgery and found that there was a huge hole in his stomach which they said “was open like a book” says Jagmohan Garg.

What he had consumed was liquid nitrogen that has a boiling point of -195.8 degree Celsius and is used to instantly freeze food and drinks. The colourless liquid is also used to cool computers and in cryogenic medical procedures like removing warts and cancerous tissues by freezing them. When used to freeze drinks, these should only be consumed after the nitrogen has completely evaporated.

“When I gulped down the drink, I started feeling very uncomfortable, like how you feel when there is an acid reflux. The bartender passed me another drink and I had it, not thinking too much about the discomfort. However, within seconds, my stomach started swelling and I was in unbearable pain. Breathing was also difficult,” said the man, who did not want to be named.

Liquid nitrogen has an expansion ratio of 1:694 at 20 degree Celsius, meaning one litre of liquid nitrogen at 20 degree Celsius can expand to 694 litres of nitrogen gas. And, as it evaporates, liquid nitrogen freezes everything around it, including tissues that come in contact with it.

“Consuming liquid nitrogen can cause havoc in a person’s system. By nature, liquid nitrogen expands manifolds and evaporates when left at room temperature. The gas did not have an escape route after the person consumed it and the sphincter closed, this is what led to a perforation (a hole) in his stomach,” said Dr Amit Deepta Goswami, the person’s doctor and consultant of bariatric and minimally invasive surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

Dr Goswami said the man had come to the emergency section of Columbia Asia hospital feeling drowsy and restless. His stomach was abnormally swollen.

His heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation were all haywire, Jagmohan Garg said.