A Great Miracle done by Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon highlights Jagmohan Garg

Jagmohan Garg News about Gurgaon’s miracle baby Tarannum.

A 23 weeks born baby, with 650 gm. He also added that the baby survived without a single blood transfusion, said doctors who nursed the child for almost three months in a neonate intensive care unit (NICU) of Artemis Hospital.

Picture of a girl when she birth:
At time of birth

The parents of baby Taranum, who was born within 23 weeks of gestation, on January 20, couldn’t have hoped for a happier and more blissful moment when their bundle of joy was discharged from hospital in April.

The infant was discharged at the end of April . “As the chances of survival of such premature babies are very slim, their parents normally do not follow the course of treatment prescribed by the doctors. Baby Taranum appears to be doing well and her progress is excellent,” said Prabhat Maheshwari, head, NICU, Artemis Hospital.

As the foetus is still not fully developed around 23 weeks into the pregnancy cycle, delivery is considered dangerous for the mother and the baby. Premature babies may also develop complications as their organs are not matured at the time of the birth, said doctors.

The doctors have been closely tracking the growth of the infant since she was discharged from the hospital.

At time of Discharge

At time of Discharge

“We have asked her parents to regularly visit the hospital with the infant so that we can take proper care of her in case of complication. These babies have poor immunity and need to be monitored closely,” Maheshwari said.

The baby was put on ventilator for 15-20 days as her lungs hadn’t developed and they weren’t able to provide oxygen as a result of which the baby had trouble breathing. At present, all her vital organs are functioning fine, said a doctor at the hospital.

Jagmohan Garg news updates here: http://www.hindustantimes.com/gurgaon/born-at-23-weeks-gurgaon-s-miracle-baby-tarannum-is-doing-fine/story-pqO2OwZlggdGrBOeqRrdGP.html


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