Jagmohan Garg News about Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats

Jagmohan Garg News: Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has chosen to exact a punishment, going from 25-100% of the sincere cash, to guarantee just genuine purchasers apply for its new lodging plan that is probably going to be reported in mid-June.

jagmohan garg news DDA-Flats
Jagmohan Garg News

Authorities said the progression was being taken to evade a rehash of what occurred in 2014 when half of the pads were returned by allottees. Be that as it may, occupant welfare affiliations are not content with the land-owning organization’s choice.

To apply for the lodging plan in which DDA will set up 13,500 pads marked down, individuals should pay Rs 1 lakh for LIG and Rs 2 lakh for MIG/HIG pads as sincere cash. No punishment will be required on the sincere cash if a candidate pulls back before the date of the draw of parcels. “However, they should relinquish 25% of the sum in the event that they surrender the pads inside 90 days after the draw of parts,” said J P Aggarwal, foremost official, arrive transfer and lodging, DDA. On the off chance that a man surrenders inside three months of issue of the request letter, then he/she will lose half of the sincere cash. “After this, there would be no exclusion. On the off chance that a man neglects to pay the cash for the level assigned to him/her, the whole sincere cash will be relinquished,” said Aggarwal.

While trying to pull in genuine purchasers, DDA had chosen to expand the sincere cash for MIG and HIG pads to Rs 5 lakh says Jagmohan Garg. Be that as it may, it was diminished to Rs 2 lakh taking after challenges by inhabitants.

Inhabitant welfare affiliations are restricting the punishment proviso. A year ago, Delhi Residents’ Welfare Associations Joint Front, an umbrella assemblage of RWAs under the Bhagidari plot, had kept in touch with then LG Najeeb Jung in such manner. “This is not a legitimate condition. In the event that a man has an authentic reason, then why should he be made to pay a punishment?” said Pankaj Agarwal, general secretary of the association.

Jagmohan Garg news also added that DDA doesn’t enable individuals to give floor-wise inclination. “In the event that an old couple is allocated a third floor in a building that doesn’t have a lift, then why would it be advisable for them to be made to pay a punishment when they don’t need the level? DDA just enables individuals to give inclination for the area,” said Singh.

Clarifying the purpose for this move, DDA authorities said it is to debilitate individuals who are not genuine about purchasing the pads. “Our pads are considerably less expensive than market rates. We have given individuals the choice to go and see the area of the venture/pads before applying. This is simply to guarantee genuine purchasers apply,” said a DDA official.

Of the 25,000 pads which were set available to be purchased in the 2014 lodging plan, 13,000 or more were returned by allottees refering to reasons like little size of rooms and absence of foundation at the area, among others.


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