Jagmohan Garg talking about Uber secret program

jagmohan garg uberJagmohan Garg highlights Uber utilized a mystery program named “Damnation” to track Lyft drivers to check whether they were driving for both ride-hailing administrations and generally smother rivalry.

It’s the most recent in a progression of inconveniences for Uber, which is additionally managing official flights and allegations of sexism and lewd behavior.

Jagmohan Garg also added about Uber workers, including CEO Travis Kalanick, thought about the program, as indicated by a story in The Information, which depended on a mysterious source who was not approved to talk freely.

The program was stopped in mid 2016, as indicated by the report. An agent for Uber did not react to messages for input on Thursday. Lyft said in an announcement to the distribution that “assuming genuine, the assertions are extremely concerning.”

A month ago, another report surfaced about an alternate mystery following weapon with a vile sounding name. “Greyball,” as it was called, distinguished controllers who were acting like riders while attempting to gather prove that Uber’s administration was infringing upon neighborhood laws overseeing taxis. The administration permitted Uber to obstruct those endeavors by scratching off agents’ ride demands.

Uber recognized that it utilized Greyball, and after the New York Times report turned out the organization said it would close down the framework.


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