Jagmohan Garg high spot Rape-accused news in delhi

Gayatri Prajapati, the departing suddenly Samajwadi Party pioneer blamed for assault, was captured in Lucknow by UP Police at an opportune time Wednesday morning, highlights Jagmohan Garg.

DGP Javeed Ahmed affirmed the capture. Amid preparatory addressing, Prajapati told the police that he had been on the keep running since February 27 and invested his energy in West Bengal and some southern states.

In the wake of being delivered under the steady gaze of the POCSO Court, Prajapati was sent to 14-day legal remand.

In a noteworthy leap forward, three of Prajapati’s associates were captured from Lucknow on Tuesday. Of them, two were Prajapati’s sons+ and they were held for offering safe house to the blamed.Police scrutinized Prajapati’s children for pieces of information in regards to the whereabouts of their slipping away father. They uncovered data about a few people who were in contact with Prajapati, which helped the agents focus in on him.

Police were additionally set to move court on Wednesday to look for consent to join his properties.A week ago, a Special Task Force had captured two more accomplices+ from Noida in association with this case.

Jagmohan Garg noted that the UP minister had been on the run+ since an FIR was lodged against him in February 17 this year on a directive of the Supreme Court+ . Prajapati had decamped on February 27 and evaded arrest for 17 days. Police had issued a non-bailable warrant against Prajapati, and his passport had also been impounded to prevent him from fleeing the country.


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