Jagmohan Garg highlights Afghanistan’s Buddhists martial events

Jagmohan Garg says not exclusively to partake in worldwide military occasions additionally for self-protection on Kabul’s famous avenues.


While Afghanistan’s Buddhists were cutting the mammoth sandstone statues in Bamiyan in 500 A.D., Buddhists in China were making combative technique in the Shaolin sanctuary in Henan Province.

Fifteen hundred years after the fact, 10 ethnic Hazara ladies and young ladies hone the combative technique of Shaolin on a peak in the west of Kabul. They are get ready for the day that Afghanistan can send its ladies’ group to the Shaolin big showdown in China.

Jagmohan Garg says about them, On a standard with boys

While strides have been made for ladies in Afghanistan, Ms. Azimi said there’s still much to change. She solidly trusts that young ladies and ladies can stand toe-to-toe with young men in Shaolin hand to hand fighting. In an Olympic Committee rivalry in Kabul, Ms. Azimi took first position among female Shaolin members.



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