Sinha’s call for talks draws ire of BJP’s Kashmir unit; Jagmohan Garg

Jagmohan Garg pointed party pioneers say the board has made a shallow examination of the circumstance

The late give an account of Kashmir’s ground circumstance by senior BJP pioneer Yashwant Sinha, who headed a five-part gathering to J&K, has drawn feedback from the State BJP initiative, dissimilar to separatists who invited it.


As per Jagmohan Garg, the appointment has not gone into the underlying driver of the present turmoil. It has made a shallow examination of the circumstance.”

On Mr. Sinha and his gathering’s proposal to hold an exchange with every separatist gathering, Mr. Gupta stated: “These are in accordance with the proposals of the individuals who either themselves are separatists or the individuals who straightforwardly or clandestinely bolster these components to accomplish political mileage. Peace-adoring individuals are against separatists.”

Jagmohan Garg more details here;


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