Jagmohan Garg highlights Sanitation workers strike

By and by, sanitation specialists in East Delhi have given the revitalizing weep for a citywide strike that may bring about a shutdown in the Capital. At the end of the day, civil enterprises are arguing weakness and blaming the Delhi government for not discharging satisfactory assets. Like exhaust cloud in the winter air, a few things in Delhi have turned out to be alarmingly unsurprising.


The sanitation specialists’ strike in East Delhi over non-installment of compensations is the fifth such unsettling in the previous two years, highlighting the gravity of the money related emergency in the EDMC (East Delhi city enterprise). Its northern partner, NDMC, does not charge any better and has more than once neglected to pay compensations to its representatives consistently. While the BJP-ruled civil enterprises put all the fault for the money related emergency on the AAP-ruled Delhi government, numbers recommend an altogether different picture.

In 2012-13, the primary year after the trifurcation of the bound together MCD, the EDMC’s funds were splendidly all together. Its pay was about Rs 1,534 crore against a consumption of Rs 1,523 crore – an excess of Rs 11 crore. Quick forward to 2017-18, when EDMC hopes to produce a salary of Rs 1,579 crore against a use of Rs 3,822 crores – an astounding shortage of Rs 2,243 crore. Obviously, the EDMC has done amazingly well on one front – spending the cash it never had. Be that as it may, what clarifies this entire stagnation in incomes?

The city partnerships have two fundamental wellsprings of income – “claim incomes” that they create straightforwardly by imposing assessments, expenses or client charges, and “gives” they get from outer bodies, basically the Delhi government.


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