Jagmohan Garg Delhi Knew What To Do To Fix Its Air Pollution in 1997

Smack in the middle of winter and in the thick of what is the most polluted season in north India, citizens in Delhi are weighing their options for self-preservation: gas masks, indoor air purifiers, outdoor air purifiers, jet engines to blow smog and pollution away from the city, even a yagna to appeal to the better senses of the gods. All these are Band-Aids that attempt to address the problem because, by their very nature and design, are unable to be a solution given that none of them address the main sources of air pollution.


Much has been written about the main sources of pollution. There was a study by the Central Pollution Control Board in 2010 and another by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee in 2016. Both studies pointed at the same sources of pollution: burning of coal, petrol, diesel, gas, biomass and waste and dust (road and windblown). There is no dearth of policy options that have been proposed by various agencies and governments. Now, looking back, have we seen an evolution in thought even as the air pollution seems to be getting worse?

Jagmohan Garg delhi updates; https://thewire.in/97529/delhi-pollution-1997-buses/


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