Jagmohan Garg Delhi News about banks cater only to ‘home branch’ customers in Delhi

New Delhi

Anticipating heavy rush when they opened after three days on Tuesday, most banks catered to only ‘home branch’ customers.

As a reason, several branches saw thin crowds and all the people could be accommodated inside the banks while those that had more customers still had long queues and several people had to return empty-handed.

bank-queue-cp_jagmohan garg.jpg

The rule, however, caused inconvenience for a section of people, especially migrant labourers, students and people who do not have accounts in Delhi.

Ashfaq Ali, a resident of Old Delhi, said, “I waited outside a State Bank of India’s branch but the guard there told me that they will not allow customer from non-home branch. I had opened my account in Kanpur and the transfer process will take time. This is not the time to have such rules.”

Delhi updates here; http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/anticipating-rush-banks-cater-only-to-home-branch-customers-in-delhi/story-tbFfBYtnwJT3PK8CyyiF6H.html


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